A final fling before heading home

A final fling before heading home
Boston, MA

Boston, MA

Opened the curtains this morning and it’s raining! But it didn’t last and by the time we’d had breakfast the clouds had rolled away and the sun was peering through. Looks like New England is going to send us away in the sunshine.

Because our flight isn’t ’till teatime and Boston is only just over an hour’s drive north, we decided to head towards Plymouth and stop there for a wee while. It’s only a minor detour so Plymouth itself was reached mid-morning and we were parking up just a few hundred feet from the Mayflower II.

Mayflower II, if you don’t know, is a replica built in Devon in 1957 of the Pilgrim Father’s original ship, Mayflower, and sailed to the USA in a sirit of fraternity and whatnot. Of course no plans actually exist for the Mayflower, so Mayflower II is a guess as to what a typical boat of the time would look like.

Anyway, we went on board with about six trillion schoolkids doing penance and wandered round and listened to old salts telling us what life aboard ship was like, arrh. It was quite interesting really, I shouldn’t take the P. It was only $10 entry too, which is good value IMHO. I wouldn’t fancy crossing the Atlantic on it though!

Then we walked down the road and had a quick look at the Plymouth Rock, which is exactly what it says it is. A rock. In Plymouth. Legend has it this is where landfall was made by the pilgrims, but of course no-one can know if this is the actual rock or it was some other rock they bumped into (I mean, stepped upon). Still, if you’re going to venerate a rock, one rock is as good an any other rock, I guess. And it was a very nice rock, as rocks go.

So, rock duly venerated we wandered round Plymouth and partook of some refreshment in the sunshine before hitting the road for Boston and Logan Airport. I haven’t mentioned Emily for a while, since she has been fairly well behaved of late – presumably lulling us into a false sense of security for today. First she tried to take us down a closed road in Plymouth, then when we reached Boston she witted on about ‘keeping right’ for ages before suddenly announcing we needed to turn left, and leaving very little space to do so. Luckily we made it, or we might be in Maine again by now. Of course then we went through the Boston tunnels, at which Emily announced she had lost the satellites so was giving up. Luckily Logan is excellently signposted down there and we made it through without a mishap. By the time she came back we were just two turns form the rental returns place so all drama was over.

And that about wraps it up. Just the flight back to Heathrow and the shuttle to Manchester.

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